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Technical Sheet

Title: Home
Type: Short Film
Year: 2002
Country: England
Sound: Stereo
Duration: 10 ‘
Color: 16mm
Original Version: English
Language: English
Subtitles: None
Funding: Arts Council England, Awards for All, NewVIc, NESTA & Primal Pictures
Director and Editing: Anton Califano
Producer: Dhiraj Mahey
Concept and Choreography: Jo Parkes
Director of Photography: Mark Raeburn
Music: Robert Wells
Co-edition: Simon Aeppli
Sonoplasty: Fabrice Pougnard
Cast: Laura Anne Smith & family, Nanthu Kumar & family, Ervin Hysa & family, Dancers: Alessia Scala, Vik Sivalingham, Jill Gale, Colin McLeon, Angus McKenzie-Davie, Danielle Joscelyne, Ahmed Yusuf, Laura Anne Smith, Catherine Lovell, Nanthu Kumar, Ervin Hysa, Sade Stephens, Thomas Fitzgerald, Tanima Mannan, Shona Phimister, Sara Dos Santos, Kyrie Phimister

More about the film

    • World Premier Dance On Screen International Festival. London. UK. November 2002.
    • Internacional Premier Dancescreen Festival. Monaco. December 2002.
    • Dance Films Association. New York. USA. January 2003.
    • International Film Festival Video Dansa Morca. Barcelona. Spain. February 2003.
    • International Film Festival Raindance. East London. UK. March 2003.
    • Muestra Videodanza. Gijon. Spain. October 2003.
    • Hamburg International Short Film Festival. Hamburg. Germany. June 2003.
    • Cologne Short Film Festival. Cologne. Germany. September 2003.
    • International Film Festival Oxford House. London. UK. November 2003.
    • International Film Festival Tanzfilm. Cologne. Germany. January 2004.
    • International Film Festival Europa Kino Cologne. Cologne. Germany. May 2004.
    • International Film Festival Imagenes Jovenes. Buenos Aires. Argentina. November 2004.
    • International Film Festival Tensdansa, Festival Iberoamericano de Cortos. Barcelona. Spain. October 2006.